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HomeIntroduction to IFC
Incheon Film Commission, which is under the control of Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture, is implementing a variety of projects for the people whose lives revolve around the movie industry. These are the people who create and produce movies, as well as the people who enjoy and appreciate the movies.
We at Incheon Film Commission will exert our utmost efforts in contributing to the development of Incheon city as a center of film & culture.

Vision of Incheon Film Commission
Creative Embodiment of Cultural City, Incheon "Harmonious Win-Win Relationship between Film Industry and Film Culture"

Objective of Incheon Film Commission
Reinforcement of location support
- Exploring the feasible location sites for movies, and scouting different locations suitable for film concept
- Supporting the administrative convenience for obtaining various permits/approvals related to filming

Improvement of infrastructure for Film industry
- Studying the film industry policy concerning the regional characteristic, and building relevant information
- Establishing the environment for producing various films through production support

Development into a city that serves as a center of film and culture
- Supporting film-related manpower, and reinforcing its network
- Enhancing the city image through vitalization of film production

Increasing the right to enjoyment of film culture
- Holding various film-related events such as presentations, film lectures, director's views, and other productions relevant to film appreciation
- Producing and distributing film contents about the cultural and art sites of Incheon